Where to Buy Dulse or Carrigeen?



Where to Buy Dulse or Carrigeen?

Wondering where to get hold of some Fresh Dulse in London?  Carrigeen Moss in Birmingham, Seaweed in Glasgow or fresh Sea Veg in New York City?

Perhaps you are wondering if we have fresh seaweed supplies ready to send out.  Fear not.  Post your question here, and we will get back to you just as we can.  And the best thing?  If we don’t know, then its pretty sure that someone else will.  That’s the great power of the web…

If you are looking for fresh Dulse or other seaweed supplies and we are out, then you can also try the advertisers listed on the side. We partner with other suppliers of edible seaweeds for every use, from cooking to medicine.


Please post your questions and answers below:

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  1. Hello, I can’t see how to buy dulse online on your site? Have you run out?

    • Hi,
      I have Dulse for sale.
      If you want to buy some give me a call or buy on our web site Emerald Isle Seaweed.com
      Kind regards
      0048 2870 326710

  2. Yes, looking for Fresh Dulse in London actually…

  3. Hi Bo – Yes, unfortunately we have run out of Dulse completely. But we are getting fresh stocks from Donegal in the next few weeks. I’ll post an update here on the site as soon as we have some.

    In the meantime some of the partners listed on the right may have some (though of course I’d rather you buy from me :-))

  4. Sem – I also live in London, so as soon as some is available you can pick it up (Tooting or Bank) or I can mail it to you.

  5. Hi, My Mum is always talking about how she enjoyed Dulse when she still lived in Ireland. She’s 85 now and still going strong (though some bits of her are giving in!). She last had Dulse when I brought her some back from a trip about 32 years ago and we were unable to find it on a more recent trip to Belfast 2 years ago.
    I would be grateful if you could let me know when you have it available, cost, package size etc so I can order some for her. I want to try some Dulse recipes that I’ve found on-line to suprise her with!

    Regards, Maggie

    • I have some dulce from earlier this year. From Ballintoy. Its out of season now and what dulce was picked was hard to dry because of the weather. Contact me and I can send you Large bags next year. They sell little swettie size bags in the shops for £1-00. Rediculous. And mostly mouldy. The lady I get it from charges me £2-50 for a large bag. I can send you one or more next year. Let me know. Danny

      • Hi I have just come across this site.I too used to live in Ireland and pick it of the beaches The price they charge in the health food stores is expensive so I wonder if you could also give me the price for a large bag.
        Many thanks

      • Dear Jenny/Danny;
        I was looking for some Irish Dulse
        would love to try some!!
        point me in direction…..please!!
        kind regards….john

  6. Hi

    I am looking for a variety of seaweeds/marine algae native to the british isles as soon as possible? Is there any way you could help with this?


  7. Dear Sirs, I’m looking to purchase Dulse Flakes. I have a pack from the states that is running out.

    I will in London and Im prepared to buy from a shop or online.
    07780 971239

  8. Unfortunately we are all out of Dulse at the moment and cant get any more until next time I am over in Donegal. That could be 2-3 months at the moment.

    Our advertising partners do have Dulse Flakes available so you could try that. And come back here soon and we should have some.

    The best way to know when we have new Dulse available is to add your email to the notification list, near the top-right of the page.

  9. Do you have any dulse yet for sale?You are not advertising it on lineas you said you would.

  10. Hi Diane. Sorry for the delays in getting new stocks. We did get lots more bags in recently. Unfortunately I am now travelling frequently with work. That means I dont know when I can send the Dulse out, so I have taken it off the site again. What I wouldnt want is to have someone waiting for Dulse and have paid me but then have to wait 2 weeks for it to arrive. I hope that changes soon and I can list it here again.

  11. Hi! Please could you let me know when you have dulse and carrigeen back in stock? I live in Sussex. Thanks!

  12. hello,

    I’m looking to get hold of irish moss – I was wondering how much you sell it for and in what quantities?



  13. Do you have any recipes using Carrigeen Moss?

  14. Andrew – There is a simple Carrigeen Moss recipe here: http://www.dulseonline.co.uk/carrageen/

    I have plenty others that I use regularly, but they’re all stored in my own head! As soon as I get a chance to write my seaweed recipes down I’ll post them here to the site.

  15. Hi Everyone…. I am really Lucky as I am sat here in my Northwest London home eating a bag of Dillisk…
    I love the stuff…. and I am lucky enough to have it on demand so to speak. My Mum lives in Tralee so I get it all the time and never get bored of it! I know the Guy who collects it and have his email address!

  16. hi this is from pat at ballybunion co kerry i see that you have no dillisk at the moment, If any of your costumers need a supply any time soon we still have very good supply of quality dillisk at kerry-enterprises thank you i must say your blog is very good all the best PAT MAHER

  17. Or you can try us at Irish Seaweeds for a supply of Dulse and Carrageen. Take care. Jenny

  18. Hi, Do you have any dillisk at the moment? haven’t had any for about 10 years, started craving it the other day lol! Paul.

  19. Do you have dillisk available at the moment please?

  20. Hi my mum has brought me some dulce from Fanad .as I live in England now I was wondering if I can buy it in England ,thanx great website.

  21. I am looking for fresh dulse to buy either retail outlet or online.

    • To anyone looking for all kinds of seaweeds we can supply all needs dulse/carrageen whole or milled also a lot of other seaweeds ie. Osmundea pinnatifida (Pepper Dulse), Porphyra umbilicalis (Nori, Laver) , Ulva lactuca (Sea Lettuce), Enteromorpha intestinalis (Gut Weed) , Alaria Esculenta (Wakame) , Laminaria digitata (Kombu), Laminaria longicruris (Kombu Royal), Himanthalia elongata (Thongweed) ,Saccharina latissima (Sweet Kombu

  22. Is your dulse fresh or dried.

    • Hi Lorraine,
      Sorry for not replying sooner, but I have been away.
      Our Dulse is dried. Fresh wet Dulse can be problematic in shipping, as fresh seaweed does not like being out of water more than 12 hours ;0)

  23. Hi,

    I would like to buy some Dillisk. do you have any avalible?


  24. To john we at kerry-web-enterprises hav plentiful supply of dillisk(seagrass) and almost any other seaweed you may require pat

  25. Hello there,

    I would like to buy Irish Moss how can I do that?


    • To Jackie Ceesswell go to the side bar on this page where it says (Edible seaweeds from Kerry) Partners & Suppliers
      you wil see Edible seaweeds from Kerry click on this will bring you to our web site

  26. News info…

    I was reading the news and I saw this really cool topic…

  27. I am looking to purchase approximately 2lb of Irish Moss and 1lb of Dulse, both milled to a minimum of 80 mesh. Possibly leading to greater quantities. Could you please let me know a supplier based in Soutnern Ireland. Thanks.

  28. where can i buy carrigeen moss in L.Derry or can i buy it online?

  29. Hi – I live in Arizona and was hoping to purchase BULK dillisk for my father who lives in MN. This is the dried kind with the little clams in it??? Can you please tell me where and the pricing for approximately 10 pounds of this or more?

    Thank you kindly!


  30. to Jane in MN can do that amount of dillisk dried but will not be the dillisk witth as your requesting it is called SHELL DILLISK i can supply very good dillisk from the west coast of kerry Ballybunion if interested please e-mail can supply small sample

  31. Can you please tell me if you have any dillisk my mum originally from bundoran so would like to get her some. How much is a kilo incl postage to uk.

  32. Hi Fiona the cost from ireland including postage €50 p maher

  33. would like to purchase some dillisk through the post

  34. hi William You can order from my web site by post go to http://www.kerry-web-enterprises.com patrick maher

  35. can you inform me where i can buy Irish dulse from please

  36. I want to buy some seaweed but can not find any telephone numbers on this web site.

  37. Hi all
    We currently have some dulse in stock – http://www.irishseaweeds.com

  38. Hi i m looking sea kelp and wakame plz tell me how to buy from you?

  39. I am a freelance London-based journalist and I want to write a food piece based on seaweed. I would like very much to base the story around your company. I have researched seaweed and its health benefits and have read through you website, so all I would really need from you is a couple high res images. I assume you could provide them. It would be great free publicity for your company. The article will appear in the July/August issue. Would someone please email me back asap and tell me who I need to contact to obtain images. Of course, further information can and will be provided about the publication in which my piece will appear, and a full explanation of the magazine can happily be given. Thanks for your time and help. Please get back to me at your earliest possible convenience.

    Kind regards,

    Thom O’Dwyer

  40. I urgently need to get my hands on some bladderwrack seaweed.
    Can you confirm if you have any available and what are your delivery times please?



  41. My mother is from Ardfert, Co. Kerry, she usually orders from a supplier in New Brunswick, they no longer exist. She is 86 eats Dulse by the handfuls and is very healthy still she is worried now where she will get her dulse in Canada, it would be awesome if she could get Dulse from Kerry. Please let me know soon if you send to Canada. Thanks

  42. Hi there,

    I am hoping you can help as I would like to buy some Cochayuyu for personal use in cooking. Are you able to supply this, or can you advise of suppliers in UK if not?

    Many thanks

    Barbara Cook

  43. Hello,

    An old Irish lady from Church has recommended me to take Carrigeen Moss for my chesty cough. I live near Wolverhampton. Where is my local stockist??

  44. Hi,

    You can order Carrigeen Moss from our web site emeraldisleseaweed.com or order by telephone on 028 70326710.

    Emerald Isle Seaweed is certified with the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association.

    Kind regards

  45. Hi, I need some fresh dulse for a university lab practical- before next tuesday. Do you know anywhere that might have some in? I can only find dried Dulse available online.

    Thank you,


  46. Hey guys, is there a difference between irish dulce and pepper dulce? where can i buy these items?

  47. i stay near glasgow. any info on suppliers nearby or good site to contact would be appreciated thanks, jim.

  48. Hello I’m after some carrageen to make pudding. Do you have any?
    Need it delivered to Margate, Kent, CT9 for Thursday latest.
    Is all this possible?

  49. Good afternoon!

    I grew up in Galway and, my family always used Carrageen Moss to cure any coughs or colds that we had, in fact, we never used antibiotics as kids and are firm believers in the health benefits this product has. I now live and work in Italy and have been unable to find it in any of the health food stores/shops and pharmacies here. I wanted to ask you whether you would be interested in a collaboration of some sorts, in order to sell your product here. Do you have something already in place for these kinds of situations?

    Let me know if this is something that you would potentially be keen to look into.

    I look forward to hearing back from you,

    Kind regards,

    Mattia Kelly

  50. i would like to to buy some fresh carrigeen and dulse.
    if anyone can also supply fresh bladderwrack too.
    i am based in enfield north london uk.
    can anyone advise, thank you.

  51. Hi,

    I have Dulse, Carrageen, and Bladderwrack for sale.

    If you want to buy some give me a call or buy online at out web site Emerald Isle Seaweed.com or if you prefer to buy from emerald isle seaweed at amazon.co.uk

    Kind regards
    0048 2870 326710

  52. Hi I Live in New York and would like to purchase Bulk Dillisk. it is the dried type. the one I just had some of said type was Red Algae. would be great if I could order some from you guys .

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