Dec 062017

Carrageen moss is a delicacy of the Irish people and their traditional food.  It got its name from the Carrageen village where it was the most flourishing industry.  It’s a colourful food as its tiny fans of purple, pink and cream colours are enough to attract people towards it.  Carrageen is  gathered from the southern and western coastal lines for its marketing value and to enjoy it as a nutritious and delicious food item. It can be used in varied forms preferably in soups, stews and puddings.

In past times many people living on the coastal areas were using Carrageen Moss for its medicinal value having it with hot milk and honey as a treatment for the sore throat however this trend is still going on as they are taking it for curing several stomach problems and sleepless nights.

Now people are less enamoured with this variety of seaweed but in the places like Ballyandreen, carrageen moss recipes are still favourites and you can find carrageen drying in their homes.  It is still very much a part of their tradition.

However for many of us who still love to have carrageen for its taste and its nutritious value, you can order from us here at and can also read below the simplest carrageen moss recipe (carrageen moss pudding with Blue berries) to prepare at home.

Carrageen moss Pudding with Blue berries

Essential Components:

•    850 ml milk
•    8 grams of dried Carrageen moss
•    One Egg
•    1/2 table spoon vanilla essence, pure preferred
•    One table spoon of Caster sugar
•    Blueberries
•    soft ice cream or soft whipped cream
•    soft brown sugar


Keep the carrageen dipped in water for ten minutes, drain the water and put the carrageen in the saucepan along with the milk. Bring the contents to boiling point and simmer it well with the lid for a complete twenty minutes.  Now separate the yolk from the egg in the bowl, mix it with the sugar and vanilla essence and whisk the mix for a few seconds.  Now pour that hot carrageen and milk mix on to the egg yolk mixture through a strainer but keep on whisking all the time.  You will soon find carrageen swollen and oozing out jelly.  Sieve the jelly via the strainer and beat the same into the milk.  Test it in a saucer for its softness.  In the case it is a little too soft then add a little more milk and put more carrageen through the strainer. Whisk stiffly the white portion of the egg to make a fluffy top and fold it in the gentlest way into the milk mixture with a whisk. Now let it cool down and then chill it until it gets set. But just before it is ready to serve, crush the blueberries, sprinkle caster sugar and then mix them well. Then serve the carrageen along with the berries, and cream and sprinkle the same with the soft brown sugar for different flavours.  Yum!

Now your carrageen moss pudding with Blue berries is ready to serve.  Delicious.  You can experiment with different carrageen moss recipe to fully utilize its value as the most delicious and nutritious food.


Have you tried this recipe?  How was it?  If you have any variations you made please let us know below.