Dec 202017

A quick update to say that we are running very low of Dulse (Dillisk).  The last batch we got wasn’t dried enough so we had to bin it.  We only ever send it out when the quality is absolutely tip top, picked straight off the rocks and dried in the open sun till it’s crunchy and delicious.

We have new supplies coming soon.  In the meantime, please sign up for the news alerts service and we will send you an automatic notification when fresh supplies arrive.

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  3 Responses to “Fresh Dulse Supplies Running Low”

  1. I need the price per pound in american dollars

  2. I noticed that you are short of supply of fresh dulse. I am in the UK till next Wednesday, and I am looking for an investor to this on going project (Ondas BIOMAR) of cultivation of carrageenan in Brazil coast which aims to raise the current production of 10 ton per year to 100 ton per year. The project already has license from IBAMA (the Brazilian federal enviromental department) to use the designated area (one in the north of the country, Ceará state and the other in the Rio de Janeiro coast). I presently have a DVD showing the actual production of our company,Ondas BIOMAR. Should you wish, we can meet up or alternatively I can send the DVD to you provided you let me know your address.The DVD is in Portuguese subtitled in English. If you wish you can access their website at: . However it is only in Portuguese. My contact till Wednesday is: 0208 8569988 or 07541141885. After that you contact me in Brazil by calling: 0055 2172824545.

    Best wishes,

    Kin Diniz.

  3. hi everyone i sell beautiful dulse online via ebay i had a fantastic season and collected 500 kilograms of dulse i have the best prices the irishseaweedcompany

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