Carrageen / Carragheen Moss


carragheenCarrageen Moss, also known as Carragheen, Carageen, Irish Moss, carrageenan, carragheenan or Crondus Crispus is a soft, yellowy, red seaweed from the same family as Dillisk.  The word derives from the Irish carraigín. When wet Carrageen Moss is sometimes almost translucent, and when dried it forms small, sharp nobbly spines.

Carrageen is used most often in cookery, to make a delicious mousse that has long been thought of as a cure for stomach problems.  Many irish children will have memories of being fed Carrageen from a young age whenever they were ill.

How to cook with Carrageen Moss

A very simple recipe:

  • Take 40 g ( a small handfull) of Carrageen Moss
  • Add 1 litre (2 pints) of cold milk and slowly warm in a saucepan, stirring to stop it burning
  • Once boiling, simmer gently for 20 more minutes
  • Add 2 large tablespoons of sugar
  • Seive the mixture to remove the Carrageen, allow to cool and serve.


carrageen blancmange

Carrageen pudding, drizzled with honey and whiskey

For a really tasty alternative, follow the recipe above but add a spoon or two of cocoa to the mixture just before taking it off the heat.

Another delicious variation is to add lemon peel to the mixture, and serve drizzled in a mixture of honey and whiskey.  Delicious…OrangeAndLemonCarrageenPudding

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  14 Responses to “Carrageen / Carragheen Moss”

  1. Hi im looking to buy sum carrigeen, about 200g. How much would that cost me and how long will it keep for?

    cheers phill

  2. Hello, does your Irish moss come in dried or powdered form & how much would 10oz cost?


  3. Good day, I was wondering where you bought the mold that is shown in the picture of the Carrageen pudding, drizzled with honey and whiskey?

    Thank you

  4. Hi can you supply powdered carrigan moss please require about 1/2 lbs N ireland thanks

  5. How much is the white carrigan moss please? How much is postage to uk? Thank you

  6. Just wondering if you would be interested in purchasing a quantity of top class dry bleached carrageen. Harvested in Galway Bay. Thank you.

  7. I would like 200g of Carageen Moss in natural state,
    Dried and nobbly !

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