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Slieve League cliffs, Donegal

Buy Fresh Dulse from Ireland

Our Dulse, Carrigeen and other Sea Veg is supplied by local producers on the rugged and storm-worn Atlantic Coast of Ireland.

All our produce is freshly picked, naturally dried and then packaged in airtight packaging to keep it as totally fresh and clean, ready to eat.  The Dulce comes from remote areas of the Irish Gaeltacht, predominantly Donegal, where the water is wild and cold.

Traditionally Dulse, Carrigeen and other sea vegetables (yes, thats what we now call seaweed!) is picked on a full moon.  Superstition?  No, its simply that on a full moon or new moon the extra pull of the moon’s gravity means the low tides reveal the hard to spot rocks that are submerged most of the year, and this is where the best Dulse is to be found.

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If you have any questions, suggestions for the site, or are wondering how to pick or buy Dulse near where you live then please use the Questions and Answers on the Where to Buy Dulse and Carrigeen page.

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