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We supply the freshest Dulse, hand-picked, hand-dried, and carefully packaged in airtight bags ready to be shipped worldwide. Our customers include Irish abroad, cafes, restaurants and everyone who misses the delicious taste of fresh Dulce supplied from the rugged, rural, storm-worn Atlantic coast of Ireland.

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Cooking with Dulse (Dillisk)

Dulce, usually known as Dillisk on the West Coast of Ireland, can be eaten straight from the sea.  However the most common way to eat Dulse is to dry it well and then eat it in its crispy dried form.  It can be left in a bowl on the table as a snack for visitors, and if you have Irish friends they will be delighted to enter a house and see some Dillisk sitting on the table.  It won’t last long!

When drying the Dillisk (Dulce) it is best to lay it thinly on a large plastic sheet.  A cotton sheet works too, but cotton tends to absorb a lot of the water which removes much of the salt from the seaweed.  If you dry it on plastic, or on metal sheets then the salt crystallises on the dried Dillisk and gives it a delicious strong falvour.

As well as eating Dulse untreated some people like to cook with it, especially Canadians and Icelanders.  In Iceland it is often eaten with butter, or dipped briefly in a deep fat fryer and then eaten as crisps.

Cooking with Carrageen (Carragheen Moss)

Carrageen is amazingly versatile.  Take a little Carrageen and boil it with milk and sugar, then simply sieve out the Carrageen and allow the milk to set.  Absolutely delicious.

For an interesting variation, add a spoonfull of cocoa to the milk and you will have the healthiest, tastiest chocolate mousse you have ever tasted.

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